Your First 100 Million Manual

Are These How to Become Billionaire Growth Strategies For You?

To be brutally honest, the odds are that it's not. At least that's what most people will tell themselves.

Consider how most people are. When the economy fell off a cliff in 2008, what did the masses do? For one thing, all the tens of millions of failed real estate agents tried morphing into Twitter consultants. Almost overnight the world found itself with a glut of people wanting to teach you how to Twitter.

Why do so many people jump into such low return "businesses," if we can even call them that? The answer is low barriers to entry. To become a Twitter or other social media consultant all that you had to do was call yourself one. "Hi, I'm Kimberly and I'm a Twitter consultant." Splendid. What will you be next month? Low barriers to entry tend to equal low returns.

So let's "talk turkey" here because I don't want people who won't make it to enroll. There's no point. This course is for the exceptional few and not for the masses.

What is the Target Audience for Billionaire Strategies?

Billionaire Strategies was created primarily for proven and aggressive entrepreneurs. A proven entrepreneur, as defined here, is someone who currently owns and operates a successful offline business. This person is probably looking for a more advanced palette of strategies and tactics to employ in the pursuit of faster growth.

Let me put it another way, the ideal candidate is a Type-A personality with a proven track record of success.

This type of person will be able to benefit the quickest from the lessons contained within Billionaire Strategies because they already have a business to use as a platform for growth and acquisitions.

Who Else Can Enroll? To a lesser degree, Billionaire Strategies are also for those who may not have a business currently but do possess a long-term burning desire to become elite entrepreneurs and possibly even tycoons. However, they will have more groundwork to do before they can utilize the acquisition strategies.

By the way, the first half of the course, which I call "Full Contact Capitalism," focuses on how to select the best opportunity and various fast growth strategies for capitalizing on it. Therefore, the first half can be very beneficial for someone not running a business currently.

The second half reveals the secrets of how tycoons acquire cash-producing assets.

Who Should Not Enroll? While I am not going to tell anyone that they can't make it with this course, I will caution some. People who have never started and successfully operated a business will be challenged by this course. People who only have experience with online businesses will also find this approach a stretch because they will have to do all the things they were hoping to avoid by going into the online sector. Yes, I refer to things like putting on a suit to meet face-to-face with sellers and managing a real business with real fixed overhead, such as space and equipment leases, and meeting the payroll for a real staff of full-time employees rather than an offshore "P.A." or two. There is a world of difference between the two. Most online entrepreneurs were drawn there because they saw it as a way to avoid all the challenges that come with a real business.

Be honest with yourself about what you are trying to avoid and how much you are really willing to commit to building a business and becoming successful.

Why Can't This Billionaire Growth Strategy Be Applied to Buying Online Businesses?

Well, the answer is that it can. Just not immediately. We all need to learn how to walk before we can run. If you follow business news as it relates to the online world you will hear almost daily about Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., using acquisitions to grow. However, they are huge established companies that can put up hundreds of millions of dollars in cash for an acquisition.

Billionaire Strategies are designed for the beginner who needs to bootstrap himself into the game. Billionaire Strategies teaches you how start small and then grow fast. But before you can hope to put in an offer for an Amazon or Facebook you will first need to build up a serious war chest.

Is This a Primary or Secondary Business Growth Strategy?

It's your call. Billionaire Strategies can be either your primary growth strategy or a secondary one. Or you can utilize them opportunistically. Billionaire Strategies provides you with maximum flexibility so that you can pick and choose from the possibilities and develop your own variation of the basic tycoon strategies or plays.

Will the Billionaire Growth System Work Everywhere?

The system works best in modern economies such as those one finds in English-speaking countries. This is because they have the most advanced financial systems. However, Billionaire Strategies does have successful practitioners in places such as Western Europe, South Africa, and Russia although there are extra challenges in some of those places.

If you are in India, China, Nigeria, or similar places most of the strategies will simply not be applicable. Sorry.

It's All About Value Creation

At its core, Billionaire Strategies' goal is to teach you how to create real value in the marketplace. For the most part we focus on creating the type of value that will eventually attract corporate buyers.

That's how great fortunes are typically made. The entrepreneur spends years accumulating cash producing assets (i.e., businesses) and then one day sells them off for a killing to a much larger buyer. Or in some cases, they keep them and continue to expand the empire.

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